• Yves Preston

What is an Electro Muscle Stimulation workout?

EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) is a Bio-Hack that uses how the brain talks to muscles. What does Electro Muscle Stimulation do? Well .., we must start by talking about what muscles do...In every day life, when we want to move, walk, run, stretch, reach for something, any movement or muscle action, it starts with a signal from the brain.

That is how the muscles contract. It's really an electrical signal from your brain that makes muscle work. EMS is a Bio-Hack of this natural principle that uses how the brain talks to muscles. EMS increases the volume a bit to make more muscle fibers respond to the signal to exercise.

So, EMS is not shocking the muscle into a spasm, it is rather using the body's own signaling pathway of the neuromuscular junction to stimulate the muscle contraction. EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) is really a nerve connection, not a muscular one. This distinction is important because it takes less power to make nerves fire than it does to directly stimulate muscles, so the electrical current is very low and safe/.

Not only does EMS use the natural operation of nerve-to-muscle to signal the muscle to contract, EMS intensifies this mechanism to signal deeper muscle layers which are NOT stimulated during usual training methods, such as lifting weights or any other strengthening systems.

Thus EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) is simply a selective intensification of electrical stimuli to your muscles. At Fitness220, we use this sophisticated science to help you train faster to get the results you want. We use Whole Body - EMS which engages all the large muscle ara of your body. Because of the way EMS involves almost all muscle fibers in exercise giving you a better, deeper workout in a shorter amount of time. In two 20-minute workout sessions you will get the benefit of three 90 minute conventional weight workouts, saving you time and not overloading your joints.

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